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The wise words of an ancient, mystic text.
A companion to your creativity and a guide to life's turning points.

I-Ching: App of Changes

There are more than 200 I-Ching Apps in the Google Play and iTunes App stores. There are a few reasons this one gets ranked #1 again and again.
Give the web version a try for free to see why.
  • Journal with autosave option to keep every question and reading
  • Library lookup for every Hexagram and line, by Hexagram, Trigram, or numeric notation
  • User settings: Night Mode, Font Size, Autosave
  • Code uses the original ancient Yarrow Stalk method to generate your reading
  • Coin Menu lets you use your own coins (or yarrow stalks!) if you prefer
  • Clean, spare, no-nonsense design. No fake parchment or goofy bamboo trim
  • Original Wilhelm-Baynes translation of the texts rendered gender-neutral
  • Fresh interpretations weave modern art, poetry, and cultural references into the ancient loom
  • Rock solid code: it never crashes!

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